"I’ve been having sessions via Skype with Mira, I have found these sessions to be extremely beneficial and have helped me tremendously to manage my stress and anxiety levels. I have found Mira’s approach to be very professional; she is able to provide a calming influence with the ability to really offer practical advice on how to deal with your problems. I particularly enjoy our hypnosis sessions, which I find to be really relaxing and have definitely helped me to reduce my overall stress levels. I would definitely recommend Mira to anyone who is seeking help to manage or overcome any issues that maybe impacting their mental health."     (S.D.  Swindon, UK)

"I had difficulties with self-confidence preparing for and taking my driving test, just thinking about would raise my stress levels and I felt blocked.  I had driving experience but I haven't been driving for a while and in order to obtain a driving licence in Germany I had to take another driving test which was causing me additional stress. I decided to try Hypnosis because I heard that it could be effective for this type of situation. After only one session I felt relaxed, strong, confident and I could feel a sense of lightness when I was thinking about the test. It seamed that my problem has virtually vanished in the course of the one session but I wasn't sure until I went for the exam, which was the next day. However, during the exam I felt the same I was relaxed and confident in myself and my abilities to drive. The best, thing I've learned is how to apply techniques I was taught by Mira to other situations when I feel stressed. Had I known it would be so easy I would have done it earlier :) Thank you!"   (L.C. Munich, Germany)

"I was thinking about every really depressed person I know and they all have one thing in common. They are all extremely self obsessed. Only looking to others for acceptance, compliments, and anything that will get them "happiness". I then realised I was heading in a similar direction and that a lot of things that I thought was making me unhappy was because I was looking to the world as to what I could gain from it rather than letting it be or complimenting it. Also thank you so much for how much insight you have given me. You have helped me more than anyone in the last 2 years."  (T.J.  Berlin, Germany)

"I had been suffering from sleep issues due to nerve pain in my back because of a recent illness. I had tried the pain medication that the doctor gave me but it didn't work. Mira's relaxation techniques that she taught me during our sessions have helped me manage pain and sleep much better! Thank you Mira- amazing!"   (C.D.  Berlin, Germany)

"When I first saw you I was sceptic and didn't know what to expect from the sessions, I have never done anything similar before. However, I was willing to explore because I wanted back control over my life. I developed an unexplainable fear after my baby was born and I had difficulty enjoying life and doing even the simplest things I enjoyed before, such as sitting in the park on my own or staying on my own in the apartment. Now, I'm free of those fears and feeling even more free and in control because some other fears are gone too. Looking back I can't believe how I was managing until now. Thank you for helping me to regain back control over my life and the feeling of power I now have, it is priceless!    (C.M. Munich, Germany)

Even though we only took a few steps together, I feel I've been definitely addressed to the right direction. The path might be long and I will for sure meet traps on my way,  but wouldn't it be too boring otherwise? 

The most amazing thing about that it's how natural the whole process has been. I effortless treasured the useful tips you passed down to me and I feel more aware and mature. I'm sure that one of the greatest aspects of the honourable task you committed to is mutual growth, that is why I wanted to share my feedback with you. (C.A. Berlin, Germany)