Online Coaching sessions

With the help of technology and todays fast Internet there is no obstacle to having sessions in the comfort of your own home. 

Online sessions have exactly the same effect as conventional sessions because they are in real time and the same methods and principles of Hypnocoaching are used. For a stronger auditory effect and heightened concentration, you may be advised to use headphones, although it is not necessary.

We always start with a free initial assessment session during which we will also asses the quality of the internet connection, discuss safety and confidentiality guidelines and preferred payment method.


Benefits of online coaching:

  • Online sessions are easily accessible for someone who would otherwise travel long distances to attend sessions
  • For people who live in countries where it is difficult to find a suitable therapist who can conduct sessions in their own language. 
  • Some people can feel more relaxed without having the person in close proximity, which allows them to speak more openly about their problems and therefore have better results. 


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