Looking for a safe place where you can be honest with your thoughts, feelings and emotions without judgement or blame?

Experience a personal one-to-one transformational life coaching and/or hypnotherapy with Mira Transformational Coach and Hypnotherapist and conquer you goals, release your fears and unlock your true potential. 


  • Initial Consultation session over Skype (60 min) = free of charge
  • Initial Consultation session (90 min) = 90 euro or free of charge should you commit to one of the courses below
  • Each individual session (90 min) = 130 euro
  • Follow up session (60 min) = 90 euro
  • Short Follow up session (45 min) = 70 euro


It has been noticed, when people commit to change (course of the sessions) in order to find a solution to their problems, process of personal transformation is faster. It means that we can achieve our personal goals faster and easier, therefore we are offering 2 different courses to our clients:

Clients committing to one of the courses will receive free Initial Consultation session. 


6 Sessions Course costs 780 euro. 

  • Duration of the each session is 90 min
  • We will review the progress after 6 sessions and discuss the need for any further sessions or follow up sessions. 
  • Available online.


Intensive 3 sessions Course costs 750 euro.

  • Intensive program consists of 3 x 3 hour sessions and it will suit you if you are: 

Looking to work quickly and efficiently to help solve your problems.

Short on time and need to see transformations quickly.

Struggle to commit to a weekly session and would rather work intensively.

  • We will review the progress after 3 sessions and discuss the need for any further sessions or follow up sessions.
  • Available online.


Employees of the companies Mira is collaborating with are entitled to 20% discount.

Available payment options: Cash, Bank Transfer or via PayPal