Mira is a Transformational Coach & Clinical Hypnotist with a background in Physiotherapy. She understands the bridge between the emotional and physical part of the self and uses her skills to enable her clients to achieve personal and professional goals and to live the life they desire.

15 years of experience in NLP, Hypnosis, CBT, Coaching, Counselling, practicing Physiotherapy, Neuroscience and Energy Techniques is utilised to develop a unique method of coaching the unconscious mind.

Mira is working with individual clients in the consultation room, over Skype and also conducting workshops and talks in organisations and companies. She comes from a background in Physiotherapy where she specialised in Pain Management. Now Mira is using her skills and helping people to deal with the difficulties of everyday life, accumulated stress, anger, fears and low self esteem. This results in healthier relationships, clearer communication, increased motivation, allowing clients to reach their goals and live a balanced life. 

Miroslava Culic - Mira

Miroslava Culic - Mira

Mira worked with the Institute for Rheumatology in Belgrade, the Neuro-Spinal Hospital and KUUR Rehabilitation Centre in Dubai, raising Community awareness through screenings, assessments, stress management seminars and workshops as well as health screenings in schools. Some of her corporate clients are Chamber of Commerce in Dubai, Dubai World and International Port, Road and Transport Authority in Dubai, Mashreq Bank in Dubai, ERICSSON in Dubai, 

Since moving to Berlin in January 2015, Mira has worked with the StartUp Institute and Booking.com in Berlin. 



The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP), UK 

The National Register of Psychotherapists & Counsellors (NRCP), UK



NLP Coaching - Global NLP (USA - 2015)

NLP Master Practitioner - Global NLP  (USA - 2014)

NLP Practitioner - Global NLP (USA - 2013) 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) -

- Academy for Continued Hypnosis Education (USA, UK - 2015)

Evaluation of Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC)  -

- Paul Ekman International (PEI), (UK - 2014)  

Advanced Pain Management & Active Hypnobirthing -

- Transformations Institute ( UAE - 2014)

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychology and Counseling -

- The Essex Institute, (UK - 2014)

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychology and Counseling

- The Essex Institute, (UK - 2013)

BA in Physiotherapy - Medical University Belgrade (Serbia - 2003)