Transformational HypnoCoaching is a dynamic, interactive and conversational way of coaching and guiding the unconscious mind through multi-level change work. The coaching course is a blend of conversational hypnosis, NLP, CBT and processes based on the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and embodied cognition, resulting in fast and permanent change.

Coaching and hypnotherapy is a fast and effective way to resolve issues that may be stopping / slowing down the progress of personal and professional development or desired change of the individual.  During the process you become open to more options and solutions to make desired and permanent change in order to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

HypnoCoaching enables individuals to understand feelings and reactions linked to current / past events or fears about the future. This helps to become more positive, less stressed, open minded, confident, calm and more optimistic to achieve goals. 

THERE IS A POSITIVE INTENTION BEHIND ALL BEHAVIOUR: negative stress reactions, insomnia, fears, worries, anger, negative approaches to life, excessive eating, smoking, stuttering, blushing, etc. Once we discover what that positive intention is, we can stop doing what we were doing, change the behaviour pattern and transform our lives. 

PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE RESOURCES THEY NEED in order to transform their lives and/or achieve their goals; build healthy self esteem, be a confident public speaker, feel confident and calm during exams, learn and speak new languages easily, start a successful business, become more creative, achieve success, find a purpose, control pain and live the life they desire.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE; ONLY FEEDBACK and feedback is showing us what we need to do differently in order to achieve our goals. It is also showing us what our internal obstacles and blocks are, and what we can learn to overcome them. 



Each session lasts 90 minutes and is an integration of the most advanced techniques for rapid and lasting change that utilises the most current research in neuroscience and mind/body medicine to guide you towards change and transformation on the cognitive, emotional, biochemical and energetic level. 

All the information clients supply will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed to any third party without written permission.

Every client is guided toward their own goals
Each session is tailored to the individual client
The change you desire starts during the first session 


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