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Healing Body & Mind Workshop #5 Empathy and Compassion

What makes us human? 
Our ability to empathise and see the world from the perspective of the other person. 
During our time together we will be exploring and enhancing our most basic human skills, we are born with, empathy and compassion towards ourselves and others. 

We will start by understanding mirroring and how we actually can feel what is happening in the mind of the other person, however if we don't really understand it (engage our empathy skills) we are prone to making mistakes and project our own fears and insecurities, thus increase our stress levels and anxieties. So we will talk about mistakes in our perception and understanding, learn from them, learn how to really understand others and deepen our understanding that will consequently lead us to more compassionate and satisfied life. 

Compassion starts with us, being compassionate towards ourselves and accepting ourselves leads to better connection with other people, deeper and fulfilling relationships. 

We are also going to engage in powerful exercise, changing perspective and take an inside and outside look into our relationships with people or specific person, which typically leads to deep insight and profound change in how we relate to others and ourselves. 

All of this can have a profound impact on your specific relationship, relationships with others in general, work that you do or want to do, making decisions, creativity, clarity of mind and resilience.

I promise you an amazing evening of discovery and understanding and I look forward to see you. 


Earlier Event: August 29
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