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Healing Body & Mind Workshop part 2

Second workshop for Healing and Stress Reduction and we are going to explore one of the most important parts of our existing stress mechanism, coping reaction. 

We all use some sort of coping with stress, however not all of it is healthy or beneficial to us in a long run. It is effective to destress at the time of increased stress; focus or change focus, relax the body, change emotion, etc. Like, drinking after work, express anger at the wrong person, shopping, drugs, sex, smoking, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is one of them too; flight or fight is in the essence of it. 

However non of these are healthy in a long run, because they create even more stress, guilt, negativity towards self or others, broken relationships,etc. So the more we learn to cope with the stress in a healthier way, we then use less of these negative coping mechanisms. 

You will learn why do we learn these coping mechanisms and how to successfully change them. You will also learn how to use your visualisation and some powerful techniques that will help you to make important changes in your life. You will also learn how to deal with you inner critical mind and take home as an audio recording a powerful visualisation technique that will help you to continue making desirable changes in your life. 

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