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Healing Body & Mind Workshop part 3

This time we will be focusing on getting to know ourselves and our body; who you really are, what are your fears and how to overcome them; what are the messages our body is sending us and understanding them in order to heal (pain, discomfort, low energy, medical problems, etc.).  You will learn how to connect and deepen the connection with your body and mind as well as learn how to communicate with yourself in a positive manner. 

You have heard of people who intuitively new that they need to visit a doctor for a check up and it saved their lives. What is common to these people is that they have a good connection with their body. We are living in the fast world, we have no time for ourselves and we have become disconnected; we simply do not know how to listen and interpret messages our body is sending us. Body is telling us when to stop, slow down or change what we are doing and it often needs to shout because we do not react and this is when it becomes painful. 

Curious thing happens when we connect with our body in attempt to heal because it changes our mental state too and we become calmer, more resilient, feel stronger and more in control of our thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviour. 

You will experience basic but very powerful guided meditation that will help you to connect with the body, release stress and heal. And, as a bonus you will be taking audio recording with you to keep practicing until the next time we meet.   

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