what do you need help with?

Increase self-esteem, build up confidence and find your inner balance.
Build up your resilience; feel safe and calm in challenging situations.
Find a sense of direction, purpose and motivation.
Increase performance, focus and creativity.
Build stronger personal relationships.
Find your authentic self, become more present & connect with your intuition.


Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem and low confidence heightens coping mechanisms that are not beneficial to us; avoiding socialising and social networks, applying for a better position at work, starting your own business, performing in front of others, exposing yourself to possibilities in life; in one word, we tend to hide and this affects personal and professional life.

Whether you are stand up comedian or a musician, going for a job interview, pitching for a finance or a CEO of a company, we all can experience insecurity when we are exposed to others. Reasons vary, however most commonly because we fear judgement, criticism and failure.

During sessions you will regain your inner confidence, build self-esteem and learn how to cope with challenging situations that life may bring in the future.

Manage Anger

Anger is one of the basic emotions we have experienced since birth and we can not remove it from our life as it has its purpose. However, at times we experience lots of anger and it becomes difficult to control, it can create lot of problems in personal and professional life and can negatively affect our relationships with others. 

It can be a challenge to deal with anger on our own, because people often do not realise how it affects their life and the life of others around them or they get frustrated and angry with themselves if they fail to manage their reactions. 

During the sessions you will discover and change what triggers your anger, you will learn how to deal with challenging emotions and you may become the calmest person you have ever known.

Build a Positive Approach to Life

Sometimes after big life changes and challenges; loss of health or the loss of a dear person it is absolutely normal that we lose a positive approach to life for some time. If, however, this feeling persists for longer periods of time, the person may experience more loss and life becomes even more challenging to live. We appear to lose sight of the good picture of the future and the life we deserve.

We all have a built in mechanism for survival and this mechanism is positively pushing us to seek help, advice and support when required. Sessions will help you to regain your zest for life, creating harmony and balance in your life.

Stop Destructive Habits

High levels of stress, difficulty to relax, worries, fears, guilt, low self-esteem, low confidence, emotional pain, etc. can all be reasons why people eat, drink or use drugs in excess amount. Identifying the underlying cause of this behaviour or a habit is the starting point to change.

Even though we know how harmful some of our habits are, it is often difficult to find a way or the strength to change behaviour or you may even feel that it is impossible to change.

During the sessions you will find your inner will and strength to change habits, remove blocks, learn how to manage emotions, feel supported through the process of change. All of that with minimal effort and usually very fast.

Improve your Learning Capacity

High performers are people with positive attitudes and believe that learning is easy. They also approach new subjects in relaxed and confident manner.

Regular self-hypnosis and visualisation are tools used by many successful people in order to achieve their goals. 

Calm & Confident during Exams

Many people experience the same problem; students failing exams or avoid taking them, some people get physically sick before an exam, others avoid studying, applying for a driving test, taking up professional exams, etc. 

During the sessions people remove the unnecessary fear and become peak performers.

Manage Stress related Stuttering & Blushing

Sometimes stressful and difficult situations increase stuttering or blushing more than usual, however when people are relaxed it is reduced or often not noticeable at all. 

Consequently, by learning how to manage stress, stuttering significantly decreases, moreover during the sessions you will discover emotional triggers that cause you to blush or stutter and you will find inner confidence and learn to balance your emotions.